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* The hit 90s animated series is back -- in COMIC form!
* Original canon stories from CREATOR Greg Weisman!

New to the GARGOYLES universe? * Need a refresher on the characters?


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Also see S8 Gargoyles for discussion, chat, a blog, media and the "Ask Greg" feature where you can talk to creator Greg Weisman!


Five of the toughest villains in the Gargoyles Universe: Hunter – member of a Scottish family of gargoyle-slayers; Dingo – Australian mercenary and charter member of the deadly Pack; Matrix – a nanotech hive-mind artificial intelligence that came very close to destroying the Earth; Yama – a Japanese gargoyle who betrayed his own clan, and Fang – the mutate who would be king. Take this quintet of felons and force them to work on the side of the angels. It may be hard to believe, but these Bad Guys are the best hope we’ve got! Gargoyles series creator Greg Weisman is the writer, with art by fan favorite Karine Charlebois and tones by fan favorite Stephanie Lostimolo. Bad Guys: Time to fight fire with fire.

Written by creator Greg Weisman, art by Karine Charlebois.

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* The Stone of Destiny storyline continues!

Gargoyles: Clan Building Volume Two collects issues 7-8 off the SLG/Disney Gargoyles series and combines it with the unpublished material scheduled for issues 9-12, including a chapter (issue 10) drawn by series character designer Greg Guler, making this a truly special book. This is a MUST for all fans of both the TV and comic book series.

Written by Series creator Greg Weisman.

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* Collects GARGOYLES #1-6
* The saga begins again!
* Introduction by Wendy Pini ("Elfquest")
* Watch the video advertisement: Livevideo * Youtube
* Watch the title sequence: Youtube

The secret is out: gargoyles are real, and living among us! The media, the police and the public reel from the news while a new vigilante group plots to put a hammer to all gargoyles. In the chaos, evil clone Thailog takes the fight to the gargoyles with shocking consequences. And for Goliath and Elisa, it's the fallout from the kiss: can a human cop and a medieval gargoyle be together?

Series creator Greg Weisman takes us from Tibet to the White House, picking up right where he left off in Season 2 of the original series!

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This black T-shirt has a front screen featuring Goliath with a Gargoyles logo below. The back features "Stone by day warriors by night." 100% cotton. Wash cold. Dry low. Imported.

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