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* How do I get hold of a copy?
The best way is to ask your the staff at your local comic store to put aside GARGOYLES and GARGOYLES: BAD GUYS from SLG for you. Alternatively, you can order direct from SLG Comics (formerly Slave Labor Graphics) or from Amazon; or from a mail order site. Midtown Comics comes highly recommended for US users. Links will be announced on this site as soon as they're available. Please don't hesitate to recommend a reliable sales outlet through the Contact page.

* Is it too late to jump aboard?
Absolutely not! GARGOYLES #1 kicks off a whole new chapter in the 'Gargoyles' universe. You can catch the classic show on DVD or find our more on the Gargoyles Wiki. The comic has a big, vibrant continuity behind it -- but so do Amazing Spider-Man, Buffy, X-Men and others -- and people jump aboard those every day!

* Where is the DVD for Season 2, Volume 2?
It will be released pending sales of the first two sets, so help us spread the word to make it happen! And don't be put off by the "volume" monicker: the first volume reaches a point of open-ended closure. Video clips from the second half of the season have been made available on some video sites.

* What are "The Goliath Chronicles"?
In 1996, Disney commissioned a third season of 'Gargoyles', subtitled 'The Goliath Chronicles' (TGC). But it was a mostly new team, co-creators Greg Weisman and Frank Paur were sidelined and the stories were rushed out. Imagine a season of 'Buffy' without Joss Whedon, or some other writer taking over the 'Harry Potter' books half way through. For many fans of the first two seasons, TGC was a crushing disappointment. And that's why the comic ignores the third series and picks up right where Season Two left off, sticking to Greg Weisman's Masterplan!

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