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A Brief Introduction to the Gargoyles Universe
Gargoyles protect. It's their nature. They sleep as statues during the day and guard their home at night. In Dark Age Scotland, Goliath and his gargoyles clan protected Castle Wyvern.

Then they were betrayed. The clan was smashed while they slept. The six surviving gargoyles were cursed to sleep as statues until the castle rose above the clouds.

So ten centuries later, billionaire industrialist David Xanatos moved the castle lock, stock and gargoyle to the top of his Manhattan skyscraper. Goliath and his clan awoke to a new world!

But Goliath soon realised that this new world might be just as savage as the one he left. Xanatos didn't want to help the gargoyles, but to dominate them.

Enter New York detective Elisa Maza! She encountered the gargoyles by chance but became their friend. She helped Goliath see Xanatos's deception, and found them a new home in the clock tower above the police precinct.

Gargoyles protect... but in the modern world, Goliath and his clan don't just protect a castle but the entire island of Manhattan.

* * * * *

For two years, the gargoyles defended Manhattan with the help of Elisa Maza. They also learned that they weren't alone in the world -- there were new gargoyle clans in Japan, Guatemala, London and the magical island of Avalon.

Xanatos declared his feud with the gargoyles over after they saved his newborn son, Alexander. He promised to make amends and restored them to their ancestral home.

But now the secret is out! When a trio of gargoyle-hunters blew up the police clock tower to get to the clan, news footage showed the gargoyles leaving the wreckage. Urban myth had become urban reality.


* GOLIATH & ELISA -- The noble leader of a gargoyle clan and a New York cop. It took them 65 episodes but Elisa and Goliath finally admitted their feelings for each other -- and kissed.

* THE TRIO -- swashbuckling Brooklyn (red), playful Broadway (aquamarine) and intelligent Lexington (olive).

* ANGELA -- Goliath's daughter was raised by humans, secluded on the magical Avalon. She sees the world through fresh, though perhaps naive, eyes.

* HUDSON -- Goliath's mentor once led the clan. Now he often stays home with the dog-like gargoyle beast, Bronx.

* DAVID XANATOS -- Devious, wily and still desperate to be immortal. His wife Fox is every bit his match. And watch out for his ultra-efficient assistant Owen who has a big secret (and a stone hand obtained in service to Xanatos).

* MATT BLUESTONE -- Elisa's partner and friend to the gargoyles; now head of the NYPD's Gargoyle Taskforce.

* THAILOG -- Xanatos and mad geneticist Sevarius created a discolored clone of Goliath: Thailog. But Thailog rebelled against his three "fathers". He's as powerful as Goliath, as smart as Xanatos, and utterly ruthless.

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