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The Clones and Talon

* THE MUTATES -- Xanatos wanted his own brand of gargoyles. So he employed the insane geneticist Sevarius to create 'mutates' -- humans mutated using animal DNA to resemble gargoyles. He mutated three homeless New Yorkers (Maggie, Claw and Fang) and Elisa's own brother, Derek (now Talon)! The mutates live in an underground complex called the Labyrinth, sheltering the city's homeless.

* THE CLONE CLAN -- Thailog created his own clan, cloned from the Manhattan gargoyles, and programmed to simply "Obey Thailog". But Thailog is presumed dead in a fire, so Talon is sheltering them in the Labyrinth.

* THE ILLUMINATI SOCIETY -- A secret society so powerful that some say it runs the world.

* COLDSTONE -- Goliath's rookery brother was smashed in the Wyvern massacre a thousand years ago -- until a combination of science and sorcery resurrected him from the dead! Coldstone was created from pieces of three different gargoyles -- a paranoid lover, his loyal mate and his manipulative rival for her affection. Now, the three souls have been separated into different bodies -- the lover into the robot Coldfire and the evil soul into a robot called Coldsteel.

* DEMONA -- Once Goliath's mate, her betrayal caused the Wyvern massacre. She gained immortality through a magical pact but blames humanity for the plight of the gargoyles. She wants revenge against all humans.

* JASON CANMORE -- One of the three gargoyle Hunters who destroyed the police Clock Tower to get to the gargoyles. Elisa helped him realize the error of his ways in pursuing a ten-century feud. His brother John didn't see it his way and John accidentally left Jason paralyzed from the waist.

* NEW YORK CITIZENS -- Over the years, many New Yorkers have seen the gargoyles. Some were saved by the gargoyles; others ended up in the way of a battle. Keep an eye out for these fan-favorite recurring characters: Margot & Brendan, scared parent Sarah Browne, Sarah's kids Billy and Susan, journalist Travis Marshall, blind author Jeffrey Robbins, surgeon Doctor Sato, cops Officer Morgan and Captain Chavez, the Jogger, restaurant-owners Art and Lois, mercenaries Banquo & Fleance and luckless Vinnie. Where will they stand on the gargoyle issue?

* * * * *

King Arthur and Macbeth

* MACBETH -- Immortal Scottish king who was given a bad rap by Shakespeare. He's an honorable man cursed by his inability to die.

* KING ARTHUR -- Awakened early from sleep on the magical Avalon, he's now allied with London gargoyle Griff to find his teacher, Merlin.

* COYOTE -- A series of powerful robots. The first Coyote impersonated Xanatos, but each successive model has become more powerful.

* * * * * *

Left to Right: Hunter, Dingo, Matrix, Yama, Fang

* HUNTER -- AKA: Robyn Canmore, one of the trio of Hunters who destroyed the gargoyles' Clock Tower. Last we saw, she was tiring of her ancient feud, and was being arrested for her role in the bombing.

* DINGO -- As part of television show the Pack, he was a hero to millions. But the Pack were violent criminals and accepted Xanatos's offer to change themselves into cyborgs or mutates all too readily. Dingo went on a walkabout in Australia, guided by an Aboriginal Shaman.

* MATRIX -- Fox created Matrix from nanotechnology, but it nearly destroyed the world by enforcing 'order'. Dingo persuaded it to help him pursue a new kind of order -- law and order!

* YAMA -- A disgraced gargoyle from the Ishimura clan of Japan.

* FANG -- A mutate who turned against Talon and was briefly imprisoned in the Labyrinth.

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